Foodservice & Logistics

Yofumo prevents waste during transport and keeps produce table-ready for longer.
Contamination of produce and agricultural products from bacteria, fungus and mold can result in a loss of up to 50% of total cargo during transport from grower to distribution facilities and finally customers. Foodservice organizations have to stock enough produce to compensate for spoilage, resulting in over-ordering and waste.
Less produce being lost in transit means that more food makes it to market. Higher delivery rates mean better bottom lines on shipping and a reduced loss of product. When product gets to market it also lasts longer on shelves, so retailers don’t experience as much shrinkage due to contaminants in transit.
Yofumo’s organic gaseous ozone decontamination solution gently and safely eliminates contaminants from produce and agricultural products, substantially reducing spoilage and waste. Transporters lose less product en route to market and foodservice organizations can order only what they need and keep produce table-ready for longer.


Process the greatest amount of product in the shortest amount of time with the highest level of effectiveness.


Yofumo’s technology opens the door for developing revolutionary terpene applications.

Complete Decontamination

Yofumo uses ultraviolet light and gaseous ozone to completely decontaminate containers. Contaminants can be reached in shadows and behind panels for a totally clean space.

Safe And Reliable

Decontamination with Yofumo is safe, using ionized oxygen from the atmosphere to clean and then changing that ionized oxygen back to oxygen when cleaning is finished. Users are protected to OSHA standards until it is completely safe to open the container.


With Yofumo’s decontamination being completely without residue and dry, users do not need to be delayed waiting for containers to dry or be scrubbed down. Getting shipping under way faster and cleaner.