Yofumo’s technology sterilizes without harming expensive medical instruments, increasing their useful life and reducing replacement costs.
Existing decontamination solutions use harsh heat and high humidity to sterilize medical equipment, reducing the useful life of expensive instruments.
Without the use of heat and moisture to clean sensitive medical instruments, Yofumo cleans to the same standard of an autoclave while extending the life of expensive tools. Longer instrument life saves money and prevents waste.
Yofumo has begun testing its patented decontamination technology for use in the place of traditional autoclaves for medical instrument sterilization.

In collaboration with our partners at Woodhouse Laboratories, Yofumo has demonstrated an ability to remediate background contamination in test packets at an average efficacy rate of over 99.99% in 4 hours and 30 minutes in multiple trials. The tested packs were inoculated with two pathogens, Bacillus Atrophaeus and Geobacillus Stearothermophilus, with loads of 2.1*10^6 CFUs and 2.1*10^6 CFUs respectively, totaling 2,310,000 CFUs.


Process the greatest amount of product in the shortest amount of time with the highest level of effectiveness.
  • Patented Sterilization
  • Actively motivated ozone ensures all surfaces are gently exposed for complete decontamination.
  • No Heat, Chemicals, or Radiation
  • Gentle on Instruments
  • Non-residual
  • Push-button Simplicity
  • Accelerated Throughput
  • No Feedstock or Chemical Supplies
  • Low Cost of Operation
  • Easily Maintained

No Chemicals, Heat Or Humidity

Yofumo’s patented gaseous ozone sterilization technology effective sterilizes medical instruments without the need for harsh chemicals, heat or humidity.

Extend Instrument Life

The lifespan of expensive instruments can be extended by removing the negative effects of autoclave decontamination and the subsequent deterioration of treated equipment.

No Compromises

Yofumo has partnered with an independent lab to test decontamination capabilities and was proven to decontaminate to the same effectiveness as an autoclave. Save instruments without any reduction in effectiveness.